Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The motor, after 17 months, is back in the schooner. Huge thanks to the friends who helped install, plumb and wire the little Vetus back into her! We had delightful hot weather yesterday, and the motor install went better than expected. We ended up having the wiring near the starter solenoid to be NQR and so had to head home for glimpses at the pix we didn't think we would need because we didn't think we'd get quite so far in the reinstall process.

With a few minor wiring puzzles to think over, I suspect we're less than 3 hours from "splashability".

We also pumped out about 5 gallons of old diesel fuel. Not sure how much is left in the tank, but we'll be sure to freshen it all up and add some cetane booster to make sure the whole thing gets what it needs from the fuel.

Lighting her up is next.
Aye, bilge rats!